the sweeter side of book reviews.

Welcome to Books & Batter! (formerly hosted on Blogspot.)

The concept behind this blog is simple. For each book, I bake cupcakes inspired by that book’s themes, motifs, memorable characters--maybe even just the book cover. Then I'll discuss the good and bad of both, and rate them accordingly.

You'll find no dry or dishonest book reviews here. I delve deep into the real issues of each new read. Like, was Dorian Gray the original fuckboy? Or, why were all the characters in "The Girl on the Train" such shitty people? And, how is it that everything Roxane Gay writes is so perfect?

I'll share every cupcake recipe, along with a few of my favorite quotes from the book, and a bunch of pictures of the cupcakes that'll make it look a lot easier than it probably was.

I also welcome suggestions! Visit the contact page to let me know what book you'd like to see reviewed next.